Mr. Tetsuo Mori

Technical Advisor

M. Tech, Japan. B.Sc in Technology, Russia
LA 14371, Ministry of Construction, Japan

Area Of Expertise

Mr. Mori has over 37 years of construction experience in design, construction and project management in countries such as  United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Myanmar, etc. 

Professional Accomplishment

Some of the major projects he has accomplished include

  • Sanko Headquarters in Japan
  • Megumino Station Square in Japan
  • Yudensha Headquarters in Japan
  • Many residential apartments including Ebis, Sunrise, Nishino, Hirai, Daiya Palace Koiwa, etc in Japan
  • Tokyo Technology University in Japan
  • Honda Mortors Tochigi Institute of Technology in Japan
  • Sakura Hospital in Japan
  • 13-Storey with 2 basements hospital, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore
  • Major Hitachi chemical processing plant in Singapore
  • Papua New Guinea Airports in Indonesia
  • Sakhalin SEG LNG plant in Russia
  • Mizunosato Industrial estate LNG in Japan

Business Background

As a technical advisor at Haven Co., Ltd, he is responsible for periodic inspection and advise Haven’s team to ensure the projects are delivered in an orderly and timely fashion.

He also advises Haven’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Audit Division to ensure that the buildings are constructed with high quality specification in accordance with international building codes, standards and engineering practices.

Affilitions And Memberships

First class authorized architect
LA: 143713 at Ministry of Construction, Japan